Signed copy of Mud Pies & Family Ties by Dylann Crush

Signed copy of Mud Pies & Family Ties by Dylann Crush

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Falling in love has never been so dirty!

Moving from the big city of Los Angeles to the small town of Swallow Springs, Missouri was supposed to provide a quiet life for me and my kid. But then I meet Dustin, a gorgeous motorcycle stuntman and the best kisser I've ever known. He was only going to stick around until the fallout from his botched late night TV appearance settled--the perfect solution to a single mom's long dry spell.

Things get a little messy, and by messy I mean downright filthy. Now I'm up to my ears in wild animals, miracle mud and late night booty calls. I'm not sure what will be worse--giving him the green light or putting the brakes on before it's too late and he leaves skid marks on my heart.

Grab your copy of Mud Pies & Family Ties and deep dive into the world of Swallow Springs, where life is slower, love is stronger, and happiness awaits at The Lovebird Café.

The Lovebird Cafe Series

Novella - Lemon Tarts & Stolen Hearts

Book 1 - Sweet Tea & Second Chances

Book 2 - Mud Pies & Family Ties

Book 3 - Hot Fudge & a Heartthrob

Short - A Blue-Balled Holiday

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